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Discover How to Build Memorable Songs


This is the key.  Make a plan to create strong songs guaranteed to stick in the memories of your listeners.  The goal of AWSA is to make strong congregational worship songwriters so we can serve our local Arizona churches as well as to get our songs distributed regionally and nationally.

The local theology philosophy:

Allow the worship of your local congregation to reflect songs of how God is moving in your community

is our driving force.  And our priority.

Getting our songs distributed regionally and nationally are secondary, but also a part of the plan.

This eBook, 9 Steps to Build a Memorable Song, is the 10,000 foot view of the songwriting philosophy that will be used to build songs that are published by AWSA.

In 9 Steps to Build a Memorable Song, find out:

  • How to set the table with the right information to guarantee your songs reach and hold hearts and minds (page 5)
  • How your focus on one particular aspect could be the difference between tuning you in or tuning you out (page 3)
  • How your ability with word economy takes songs to the next level (page 11)

Please don’t be fooled by the lack of faith language in this document. 9 Steps to Build a Memorable Song applies to any form of songwriting.  The AWSA curriculum builds upon these basics to specify how congregational songs are developed.

This basis is why the founder of AWSA, Steve Cass, has over 60 songs published in Christian Copyright Licensing, International.

Now it’s your turn to create strong and sticky songs and get them published for the glory of God.

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