AWSA is a music publisher and songwriting organization, serving songwriters from across the metro Phoenix, AZ area.  We exist to help develop the Christian songwriter and to create songs for congregational worship.

It’s our goal to assist pastors and worship leaders in Arizona by offering a large selection of songs for their services.  As the famous songwriter Keith Getty states, “I’ve written thousands of songs.  But I’ll only release one or two a year if they’re good enough.”  And though we may release more than that, this is our basic philosophy of releasing songs.

AWSA is organized to serve the songwriter.  Our mantra is Proverbs 27:17:

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

This is because the songwriting tools, exercises, curriculum, and activities are designed so each writer helps develop the other.

Just as a song is developed for a certain scene in a play, so are songs for congregational worship.  The scene that we develop songs around is the gathering of a certain group of people:

      • broken and searching,
      • believers and non-believers,
      • skeptics and those sold out to God, and
      • old and young 

all gathered to worship and learn about God at the foot of the cross of Jesus.

We’re guided by the principle of local theology:

Allow the worship of your local congregation to reflect how God is moving in your community.

We’ll write passionate worship songs that will primarily be offered to our local Arizona churches and secondarily will be distributed regionally and nationally.

We’ll development our songwriter’s skills based on proven and time-honored principles that are molded especially for congregational worship.  For more information, visit our Join Us page.

Thank you!